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2021-10-18 10:46:44| 來源:內蒙古中公教育


As it is shown in the bar chart above, dramatic changes have taken place in the autos market shares within two years (from 2008 to 2009). The most obvious change was the market share of national brand, which had increased nearly by 10%, while Japan's autos market share decreased roughly by 10%. The percentage of the US autos remained stable between 2008 and 2009.

The contributing factors for this phenomenon can be summarized as follows. Above all, as the development of technique and knowledge in native companies, a growing number of autos corporation developed many quality autos. Therefore, the national people changed the attitude to the native brands and acknowledge them. What' more, an overwhelming majority of people have been affected by the country patriotism ideology, partly owing to some actions of Japan triggering the emotion of people. Finally, Toyota brake error accidents significantly affects Japanese autos' reputations and images. Safety concerns drove customers away from Japanese products. Additionally, Fuel price drove consumers away from those American petrol digging and luxury autos. So it is not difficult to observe their steady performance.

Based on what has been discussed above, we may reasonably conclude that the tendency described in graphic will continue for quite a long time. Hopefully, government could offer more friendly policies to China autos manufacturers to encourage quality improvement and technology innovation.




As can be seen from the table, there are some differences among staff of the company with regard to the satisfaction of their work. Based upon the data of the table, most people under 40 are unclear(50%) or dissatisfied(33.3%) with their job, and 64% of those between 40 to 50, are not satisfied and no one feel satisfied at all. For people over 50, the degree of satisfaction largely exceeds the other groups, amounting to 40%.

Such difference may be rooted in the following reasons. First, middle-aged people face more pressure to support the family, both the children and the senior, so that they neglect to enjoy in work. Second, the senior citizens has developed a lot in personality, so they are more prone to see the optimistic aspects of the work. Last but not the least, the fact cannot be neglected that most of the staff under their forties cannot see the slightest prospect of promotion.

In view of the argument above , I strongly believe that the staff's attitude towards satisfaction with their work reflects the situation of their work. Therefore, the company should take measures for the staffs so that they can find more satisfaction with work.





As is illustrated by the figure in the chart, the number of college students doing part-time jobs has been on rise steadily from 66.77% to 88.24% during the four -year university life. From the change in the chart, it goes without saying that more and more college students choose to engage in outside programs recently.

Considering these changes, we can find several main reasons. Why the enthusiasm of freshman is lower than their elder classmates is due to the fact that intensive course planning and resourceful campus life occupy their plenty of spare time. From the perspective of graduate students, they have much more time for taking a part-time job when they have required assignment finished. But another important factor that cannot ignored is that as the graduation date is around the corner, students realize that they need to gain more working experience, which undoubtedly would improve their competitiveness and may facilitate them to obtain a better job.

From the changes in the charts, it is easy for us to predict that more and more college students will walk out their home and throw themselves into more various vacation activities.








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